Download Windows 10 Pro – Original & Official ISO Files

Windows 10 Pro Build 10240 Official ISO Download

This is the first retail version of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Build 10240. Download Windows 10 Pro – The Original & Official ISO File. The single-click direct download provided by Softlay. Windows 7 & 8 users can free upgrade to Windows 10 full version without going to the Windows Store.

Windows 10 Pro ISO free download full version for both 32 bit and 64 bit. You can Download Original Windows 10 Pro ISO (DVD) from their Official Microsoft Link with the Windows 8 product key.

Windows 10 Pro Build 10240 Free DownloadBy: Microsoft Inc.
Package: Official ISO
File Size: 3.71 GB
Released: 07/29/2015
Version: 10.10240
Windows 10 Pro ISO DVDBy: Microsoft Inc.
Package: Official ISO
File Size: 2.77 GB
Released: 07/29/2015
Version: 10.10240
Windows 10 ISO Download

Windows 10 1607 Anniversary Update ISO Download

New Windows 10 1607 ISO contains the latest updates with build 14393 in 32-64bit editions. Download Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Windows 10 Build 10586 ISO Download

Windows 10 Build 10586 ISO Download [Feb 2016]

Windows 10 Version 1511 ISO contains Home & Pro in both 32-64bit editions. Free Download Windows 10 Build 10586 ISO

Download Windows 10 Pro - The Original & Official ISO File

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro  Build 10240 Review

Windows 10 is the most simplest and easiest of all windows till today. It is actually a blend and update of Windows 7 and windows 8 with some entirely new features that are amazing to handles. The users would never leave the Windows. Windows 10 Pro Build 10240 has the ability to run not only on PC and smart phones, embedded systems, Xbox One, tablets, Surface Hub and Holo lens. For a sensible and a simple review, I would tell you that this version has been revised on a whole, whereas in most of the places you would realize some old feature. However, these old features have been given a new touch.

You would get excellent and a new user experience. When I talk about the user experience this includes the design, performance and its features.The Windows Insider Program that is a global fans community who just love Windows. Insiders see the operating system in its earliest stages, and play a role in shaping it. This is the reason Windows 10 Pro Build 10240 seems almost problem-free.

Beginning the features from the very start, you would start to feel the amazing and new feeling. First of all the all new lock screen with increased security from 4 pins in Windows 8.1 to 35+ in Windows 10 (Pro+Enterprise). Moving on the welcome screen. Then you have got new themes that you would definitely love. The newest and the catchy thing is your Windows icon in the bottom left which would be clicked and the user goes into a whole new experience. The Start-up Menu is pretty useful as this has a mixture of windows 7 start-up and 8 as well. So, now no one is going to miss them.

Windows 10 Pro Build 10240 Edge Download

To the right of the windows icon you would see something new. Cortana, who’s our personal assistant lady who has got a beautiful voice. We tell her things that interest us and she would keep them in her mind. To our questions she would sometimes come up with amazing answers or refer to the Internet. She makes suggestions as well and does extra-ordinary things like she would sing you a song or a lullaby.. We are not over yet, no need to take your attention there, yes catchy (e) is for the Microsoft edge.

This has replaced the previous Internet Explorer with extra optimized performance provided to its users. There are numerous feature as the notification bar at the right in the task bar. The option that windows phone users enjoy is changing the theme colors & the task view.

Removed Features in Windows 10 Pro

The previously available features that got discontinued are:

  1. Windows Media Center
  2. Windows DVD player
  3. One Drive built-in sync client
  4. Your own choice to Updating Windows is finished.

Don’t Worry additions are better than these.

Key Features of Windows 10

Here below are the main features of Windows 10 (Pro + Enterprise).

  • Iconic Start Menu
  • Windows 10 browser: Microsoft Edge
  • Windows 10 Store and Universal Apps
  • Windows 10 Hello and security
  • Continuum Mode
  • Enhanced Search
  • Desktop Optimizations
  • Multitasking
  • Enhanced Snap View
  • Multiple Desktops
  • Microsoft Passport
  • Multimedia and gaming
  • Windows 10 Cortana
  • Windows 10 office
  • Windows 10 defender (anti-virus)

Operating System Requirements

Here are system requirements of Full Windows 10 (Pro + Enterprise).

  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit editions.
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, 8.1.
  • Hard Disk: 500 Free Disk Space.
  • Ram 2GB.

Windows 10 Secret

Disclaimer –  do not provide need any crack, activation key or free license key for Windows 10 ISO (DVD).

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  • Narwartha

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    • This is full version release

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    • Files are verified before upload.

    • Anuj Shaw

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  • vellugoti venkata shashank red

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  • vellugoti venkata shashank red

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    • Hi Htet Naing Lin This is in our knowledge, we are upgrading our servers, in a day or so we will fix speed issues.

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    • replying to the user is key, and we are aimed to provide premium service and strong communication with our site visitors.

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    • Hi Tripathi, Click on windows 10 Secrets at bottom of this page.

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  • Dilip Kumar

    where is the key

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    which windows better win8 & win 10 tell plzzz

    • Hello Mohd Toufeeq

      Depends on your requirements, both works fine, I personally suggest you to go for windows 10. (Depending upon your Hardware specifications )

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    Every time i use to download and install the os from a diff. site it just brings error in front of me.
    Well thanxx Zaibe.!!! :-)

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        • With 2 GB Ram you should go with Windows 7 Home Premium in my opinion.

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    • Yes Divyansh you can upgrade your PC. Depending your computer Specs.

      • Divyansh

        Plzz suggest me which window is best for me with my pc have 4GB RAM and 2GB Graphics card and i used my pc to play games

        • In my honest opinion you should go with Windows 7 32Bit.

    • Yes you can Upgrade Divyansh your windows xp to windows 10. But you go for windows 7 rather than windows 10

      • Divyansh

        Thxx for help

      • Patrick Patrick

        DEFFENTLY NO DON’T say that zabie windows 10 was rated the best gaming os ever so if you’r going to use it to gaming go windows 10 or else i would reccomend linux mabe ubuntu.

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    Can i am able to upgrade my window xp to window 10 using this iso

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    • Thanks MSK. pramod you got the hint (KMS).

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  • shoaib akhatar

    can i install this windows 10 from dual boot

  • skull crusher

    if install this window then my all files are safe are not

    • First create a backup then install win 10

    • guy1993

      It really depends on how u install it. If u run it like an app it will install and also create an additional folder named old windows which contains all ur files. However if u run it on bootable flash drive then it will remove evrything so I suggest u backup all ur files on an external if u wana run in on flash drive.

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    • Hello Bhanu Partap, as per your system specs, I would like to suggest you to install windows vista.

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    btw . after download this we have to crack right ?

    • I must say you should buy a license of win 10,if not then you should find other ways

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    • Yes Sachin you have to activate this

  • Yes Please

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    If I install this OS and I do activate it will it be a trail version or the full OS with auto updates ?

    • Hello Richards when you activate this it will run as full version. You will receive auto updates from Microsoft

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    which os take lesser amount of ram win7 32-bit or win10 32.bit & how much?

    • Hello Saini you should go for Windows 7 32- bit. You should have at least 2 GB Ram or Higher for windows 7 32 bit.

  • Windows 10 does not come in home edition I guess

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    • No its not latest build you can search for latest build on

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    • it is windows 10 pro

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  • Write a guest post on your blog. we will do the same on ours

  • You can create a backup before installing windows 10

  • Grom Hellscream

    Thank you so much. I have a legit copy of window 7 pro, but can’t get it to update to Window 10. And I can’t reinstall Window 7 either since it uses a volume key.

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    • No it’s not final version. You can check latest version on site

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    cd or pendrive


    you jast coppy paste your admistetor files like photoes..videos
    you can also restore your recent system with a help of recovary usb drived but its not perfect again reinstall so you clean intall of win 10 and activate it

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  • Yes you can just click the download button.

  • Clean untouched ISO

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    pls help and uplaod.

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  • Sorry for late reply yes it asks for legal product key

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  • Reisu

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    • It’s 100 safe feel free to download